All our Labs have good hips, elbows and eyes. Their temperament is second to none. Biscuit and Cedar have also won in the Show ring.


Biscuit is yellow and originates from the famous Zelstone line. He is the best gamefinder I have ever had and is my right-hand man out picking-up. His father was Open FTW Leawyn Light and his mother was Open FTW Tanderswell Cedarberry.


Zulu is black and does not carry yellow. He is by FTCh Kenue Wilson of Heathergaye. He is a very kind and biddable dog, very athletic and father of a Novice FTW.


Cedar is black, carrying yellow, and is by FTCh Olivertash Bailey. He has been a joy to train and to work. He picked-up at least 60 days this Season. He won his first trial, an All-Aged Stake, at 2 ½ years (2007), and came fourth in his first Open, the Labrador Retriever Club’s 2008 2-Day Stake. His puppies are proving very easy to train.