Tanderswell is a small Gundog Training Kennels situated in the glorious Dorset countryside not far from the sea. We have access to all kinds of terrain including woods, moor and marshland, ponds and rivers.

Dog Training

We take in dogs for training – seldom more than five at a time – run classes, individual and group, and breed the occasional litter of Labradors or Cocker Spaniels. From time to time, a trained or part-trained dog is available for sale.

All our dogs are expected to work in the shooting field even if they are Field Trial dogs too. They are worked on the grouse moors, partridge and pheasant days, and rough shooting days where they must pick fur as well as feather. They all pick woodcock and snipe. Biscuit has brought me a fox!

At present, we have three Labradors and one Cocker at Stud.


Ceder and Margaret Allen with S&W & WELRC CupsAll our Labs have good hips, elbows and eyes. Their temperament is second to none. Biscuit and Cedar have also won in the Show ring.

Picture: Margaret Allen with Cedar winner of S&W & WELRC Cups

The Cocker

Denim is from the Tawnyhill line and is a superb worker, very athletic and a brilliant gamefinder. He is blue roan and has sired, to different bitches, nearly every colour known in Cockers. His puppies have won awards in trials. He has a clear eye certificate and a bold but kind temperament.